Counseling Services

My counseling approach is an eclectic blend of the following:  internal family systems, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, Solution Focus and interpersonal therapy.  My view of counseling focuses on the individual and a reconnection with the essential self that we all possess. 

What Happens in A Counseling Session?

Here's a general sketch of how a counseling session flows;

  • Checking in- a few minutes to get a peek on how you have been since our last session: 5-10 minutes
  • Transitioning to the focus of this session: 4--45 minutes
  • Transitioning to closing/summary of this session, check in on your goals, and possibly make notations for next session: 5-10 minutes
  • Payments and scheduling next session: 5 minutes

Total appointment time: 50 minutes

Services I Offer

I provide any combination of these services;

  • Individual Counseling (in person or distance options)

    •  Exploring the experience of disability within the context of personal identity, career, and family

  • Peer Support Group
    • Offers a safe space for emotional support between peers who share common experiences related to living with disability by promoting positive behavior and overall quality of life
  • Workplace and Business Accommodations Consulting    
    • Assisting individuals with disabilities to address psychological and behavioral barriers to employment

  •  Website Accessibility Consulting


Questions or Appointment scheduling: Contact Me Here